Ten points of consideration for Drainage Slope

  1. Drainage slope should always be away from any structural components
  1. Improper drainage slope is the second leading cause of foundation moisture issues
  1. Driveway, sidewalk, patio surfaces all need to be sloped for drainage
  1. Planting beds and lawn surfaces all need to be sloped for drainage
  1. Gravel and bark mulch do not create proper surface drainage but rather allow water to drain through them
  1. Only materials the shed water, either initially or once they become saturated should be used for created proper drainage slope
  1. Areas around the foundation will settle over time. Normally it takes about (7) years after initial construction & excavation to stabilize
  1. Water will follow the path of least resistance
  1. Dehumidifiers, foundation drainage systems, wall/floor coating systems and sump pumps are no substitute for proper exterior drainage slope
  1. Best Practice is to always treat moisture at the source