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Rick Bates
P.O.Box 4127
Elmira, NY 14904

Congratulations on your decision to buy a new home!

Now let's make sure there are no surprises...and find out what "AS IS CONDITION" really means... 

Points to consider:

  • Buying a home is a major financial commitment - get the right infomation, the first time, from the right inspector
  • Your car is inspected annually for safety issues, most homes have never been properly and thoroughly inspected
  • How well do the sellers know or understand their own property? 
  • There will always be needed repairs but are there major issues? What are they and what costs are involved?
  • Get objective, unbiased advice from Rick Bates, the most trusted and respected advisor to home buyers. 

Just like doctors, laywers and accountants, not all licensed home inspectors are the same.  Rick Bates has earned clients' trust  and the respect of Realtors with (27) years of full time home inspection experience and over 9,999+ completed inspections since 1987.  Peace of mind is just a phone call away at 607-734-7900.


Buyer Benefits to Having the Home Inspection Done by the Seller Prior to Any Sales Contract:  

1.  Provides More Property Information:  Most buyers want to review as much available useful information about the home they are ready to make an offer on.  The home inspection report provides an abundance of unbiased, professional, third party insight about the condition of the property.  You can move forward with confidence.

2.  Satisfies Most of NYS Disclosure Requirements:  Even though a seller is typically required to furnish a property disclosure document answering (50) questions about the structural, mechanical, and environmental condition of their home, it is only to the best of their knowledge.  They can also answer "Unknown" to the questions.  The home inspection report by Rick Bates answers the majority of the Disclosure Document Questions.  Not only does the home inspection report exceed the minimum disclosure requirements in most categories, the information is now more likely to be correct.

3.  Saves Money-Reduces Need for Another Inspection:  Because Rick Bates has a reputation of honesty, integrity and professionalism along with being the most thorough home inspector in the region, most buyers rely on his reports even if done for the Seller. This saves additional time and expense prior to closing.  More money can now be invested back into improving the property and making your own.

4.  Builds Confidence at a Critical Time:  As a buyer, you are likely going to receive negative news about your "Dream Home" at the worst possible moment- after you already have a signed contract?  That's right, the home inspection will identify problems with your new home but wouldn't you have liked to have known prior to signing the contract?  With a Rick Bates Home Inspection Report you can see the condition of each component, complete with photos.  Anyone can quickly and easily understand a Rick Bates brand report.  See Sample Report-PDF will open


 "Brand new construction or a historic home, our passion is to help you understand this particular home and what will be required of you with regards to repairs and maintenance going forward.  Please consider that the home inspection process and report is much more than a decision making tool at the time of purchase.  We have clients calling us for advice years after the inspection as they complete repair items identified on their original inspection report."


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