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Environmental Phase 1 Site Assessments

Phase I-Site Assessment

A written report that involves a historical records view, interview with owners and operators/tenants, and a thorough visual site inspection to determine the potential for environmental concerns. Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Reports

Phase II -Testing

Material sampling, testing, and written anaylsis report that quantitatively determines the presence or absence of an environmental hazard. 

Phase III-Cleanup

Cleanup or remediation of environmental hazards.  In some cases also includes written reports and studies to determine the extent and risks of contamination identified as a result of Phase II testing.

  • The #1 problem undiscovered in Phase I Site Assessments is USTs and ASTs (Tanks) often found unexpectedly
  • Various sizes typically from 275 gallons-thousands
  • Usually contain petroleum products but not always
  • Expect that if a tank exsists so does leakage/spillage
  • There are typically state & federal guidelines for registration and closure given size of tank
  • Remediation:     Removal is preferred for older tanks
                            Testing & certification if newer
  • Media Affected: Can contaminate soil and ground water
  • Health Effects:   Will depend on material released, quantity, and media affected

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