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Rick Bates
P.O.Box 4127
Elmira, NY 14904


Professional Realtor Features, Advantages and Benefits:

As a home inspector, Rick Bates becomes an extension of the real estate team in serving the client.  Homes are just like people,  meaning none are "perfect"... not even the ones that are custom built with high-end budgets.  In fact, when asking someone 5 years after having a newly constructed, custom home built if there is anything that they would change, normally they would state they would change 5-10% if they had it to do all over again.  The reality is that there are times that challenges are found in the homes that buyers contract to purchase and with each and every one of those challenges there is always a viable solution.

Rick's approach actually utilizes the sciences of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, botany, and earth science to explain all the situations and challenges in a calm and professional manner.  In order to ensure accuracy, dozens of descriptive photos along with additional data and documentation of the findings are taken into consideration.  If a challenge is found, you should feel certain and secure in knowing that Rick will offer a solution within the written report allowing the client to feel a level of comfort and security on how to move forward.

Agent Benefits for Having the Home Inspection Completed at the Time of Listing: 

1.  Reduced Liability:  Today, more than ever, legal action can be taken against anyone, at anytime, over most anything.  By having the home inspection performed on the front end your liability has been reduced since the buyer receives property disclosure above and beyond the minimum required by NYS Law.

2Competitive Edge:  Even your best listings may be competing against new construction options for a buyer.  The inspection report shows the actual condition of the property and removes the unknowns and risks associated with finding out above the property later on and having to renegotiate or worse - the buyers no longer like the property. Buyers feel more comfortable about a property that is listed as already been inspected but specifically already been inspected by Rick Bates - the brand of inspection and reporting that buyers have come to trust and respect.

3.  Reduces Renegotiations:  Why leave yourself and your seller open to further price concessions once the buyer has had the home inspection completed as part of their contract contingencies?  Get a thorough home inspection done prior to any purchase offer and simply disclose to the buyer so there are no surprises for any parties involved.

4.   Identifies Potential Mortgage Issues:  Ever have a transaction delayed due to a missing hand rail or water heater relief valve extension pipe?  These quick simply repairs could have been identified and addressed prior to the appraisal process.  Further, some properties will simply not sell if there are specific mortgage requirements.  Do you think the seller would best be advised sooner rather than later about a purchase offer that includes a particular type of mortgage:  i.e. FHA or VA?  A home inspection by Rick Bates identifies the issues that matter to buyers.

5.  No agent serious about selling would turn down the opportunity to sell their listings faster, easier, with reduced risk and higher commissions.  Convincing the seller to get the home inspection done is also in their best interest as well.  See Seller Benefits


"I always want to know what would make the home inspection process better and easier for you? Please call on me at any time.  I look forward to being a part of your real estate team."

Rick Bate - Servant to Solutions 

Rick Bates

NYS Licensed Home Inspector #16000007336

President of Business Excellence of the Southern Tier (BEST)

President of Southern Tier Associaiton of Home Inspectors (STAHI)


What Every Real Estate Professional Should Know About Rick Bates:

1.  Professional Image and Reputation of Integrity that Protects the Professional Realtor

2.  Trusted Advisor to Attorneys, Lenders, and Insurance Companies as well as the "Top REALTORS".  All of the professionals involved in a real estate transaction value the truth about the property and look to avoid embarrassing situations when substandard construction, improper repairs, and  unsafe conditions are found later.  Get any and all of the inspections done right the first time.

3.  Current on the Issues - If an answer is not immediate, one will be researched and provided - that is the Rick Bates committment to all real estate professionals:  "Just the Facts!"

4.  Experienced and Reliable with a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating as well as Home Advisor Approved.  Ask any other home inspectors if they have 26 years of full time inspection experience with comparable ratings and approvals.

5.  Rick Bates will help "Make" not "Break" your deal.  By using the most respected  building consultant and home inspector around you are showing to everyone involved in the transaction that you believe in the highest level of honesty and integrity.  Remember, if Rick Bates finds a problem, he will also find options for effective solutions.

6.  Professional "Front Office" available Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm  and Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm to assist in answering any of your questions and to schedule inspections.  No phone tag,  voice mail messages, or worse, interruptions during one of your home inspections so the inspector can schedule another inspection.  With Rick Bates you and your clients receive his undivided attention.

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