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Rick Bates
P.O.Box 4127
Elmira, NY 14904


Rick Bates Services Price List 2012-2013

Residential- One to Four Family

Home Inspection - single family < 3,000 finished square feet      $495

Home Inspection - each additional occupancy or 1,000 sq. ft.   +$100

Radon Testing at same time as home inspection                       +$159

Radon Testing with no home inspection                                      $195

Mold Testing at same time as home inspection per sample       +$159

Mold Testing with no home inspection-part of IAQ inspection    $395

Mold Clearance Certification                                                          $295

Reinspection of Repairs - no limit on number of items with original report updated with new photos and data                                    $195

Single item inspection including photos and report                    $195

Mother-in-law apartments                                                              $100 

Detached Building with utilities                                                    $195

Extra Garage                                                                                    $95

Pool or Spa                                                                                      $95

Pool & Spa combined                                                                   $150

Well flow rate, yeiel and coliform test                                           $95

Septic flow and dye test                                                                $95

Building code sections included with single item report           $+100

Return to check roof after snow melt-report updated                      $0

***Out of standard service territory require special quoting


Structural & Mechanical Property Condition Assessment for single occupancy building under 5,000 sq. ft. of finished space            $595

PCA each additional occupancy or additional 5,000 sq. ft.        +$100

Environmental Site Assessment for single occupancy building under 5,000 sq. ft on < 5 acre lot                                                           $1,500

ESA each additional occupancy or additional occupancy or additional 10 acre of lot size                                                                         +$100

Update of ESA Report after (180) days from original                    $750

***Out of standard service territory require special quoting

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