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A recognized leader in the field of environmental, mechanical, and structural consulting and inspections.

A full-time professional with over 10,386 actual field inspections with reports on a wide variety of issues from indoor air quality to structural failures since 1987. 

Knowledgeable and experienced in conducting property management education and training of building inspectors internationally. 

An "Expert Witness" and "Expert Case Consultant" in litigation cases.

The Developer of the "Gold Standard Reports", a unique, iconic communication reporting format that was featured at "Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture Symposium for Building Innovation".

Actively involved in numerous professional organizations that include local, regional, national and international groups-some at Board of Directors level. These associations are constantly providing a supply of new information and data that is useful in solving the needs of his clients.

"This web site is dedicated to all those home and building owners who are looking to understand and improve the health, safety, and value of their property"

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