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Frequently Asked Questions:

QHow long does the home inspection process take?

A.  A home inspection on a single family home, less than 3,000 square feet, takes a minimum of (4) hours.  (3 hrs.) for Rick Bates to perform the inspection, test the systems, gather data and take photos.  (1+hr.) to review the photos and inspection findings with the inspection client.  Remember, there are numerous systems & components to look at and every property is unique.  Rick Bates meets and exceeds NYS,  ASHI, NACHI, & NAHI minimum requirements.  In today's market the bare minimum is just simply not acceptable and will most certainly result in an unhappy buyer.  There is a signficant amount of information and details to review concerning the specific property and we do not rush through the process.


QShould I/we attend the home inspection?

A.  Your participation is encouraged.   If your inspection is scheduled for 9:00 am, be ready to meet on the property at 12:00 pm.  If your inspection is scheduled for 2:00 pm arrive at the property at 5:00 pm. At this time Rick will review the 300+ photos with you, answer all of your questions and point out any concerns with special focus on health & safety items.  You may want to prepare a list of questions and/or concerns to discuss at the inspection site.  Remember:  We are guests in someone else's home.  This is no time or place to bring the kids, pets, and other family members to view the home.  The agents involved can arrange another appointment for you to view the home with family & friends.


Q.  I would like to take some measurements and bring in a contractor, is this a good time?

A.  A home inspection is a very important part of your home buying process.  Real estate agents can set up an alternate time to take measurements and allow contractor access.  It is imperative that you take advantage of this uninterrupted & focused time with Rick Bates.   Clients have repeatedly stated that the time they spent at the inspection, reviewing the findings, was very useful and the information provided exceeded their expectations.  This from homeowners who have had previous experiences with other home inspectors.


Q.  Do I  need to make arrangements with the real estate company or homeowner to schedule my inspection?

A.  The professionals at Home Inspectors - Our staff of client care professionals will  take care of scheduling your inspection so you don't have to.   The listing agency or contact person will be called and emailed within a few minutes of your order being placed. Most inspections are scheduled to be completed within 48-72 hours of your confirmed order.


Q.  When is payment due and what types of payment do you accept?

A.  We gladly accept cash,  personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal.  Payment can be made at the time of the inspection or made on-line immediately after the inspection.  The home inspection report will  be delivered once payment confirmation is received.


Q.  Is Rick Bates licensed & insured?

A.  Yes.  New York State requires all home inspectors to be both licensed and insured.  In order to obtain and maintain a valid professional home inspector license every inspector must pass a background check, carry general liability insurance and complete at least (12) hours of state approved continuing education annually. 

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