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Rick Bates Computer Laboratory

Most people have an office - None is like this:



Rick Bates was the first inspector in the region to design custom inspection report software and deploy a mobile office complete with a laser printer for deliver of reports right at the time of the inspection.







Computer System Early 1990's


Rick Bates was the first area inspector to implement photographs in reports.  Photos were reviewed in the custom designed computer laboratory by the use of multiple computer monitors.






Computer System 1995-2008


The computer evaluation of photos continued to change with higher resolution and larger monitors.  Rick Bates was the first to use large screen, high resolution LED HDTV computer monitors.  The computer monitor in the right of the photo is 46 inches in size.  A custom designed computer processor complete with multiple, high end grade graphic cards was installed.



 New Computer Monitors in 2011


 (2)-60 inch high resolution LED HDTV SMART monitors were added to the computer lab to allow for a 5 ft. x 5 ft. viewing area of all inspection photos.

Yes!  Bigger is Better!

More computer processing power along with specialized pointing devices to navigate across the computer landscape were needed as well.




Bigger is Better Rick Bates Computer System


After 25 years and over $65,000 of investment in computer graphics technology, Rick Bates can evaluate inspection photos like no other.  As part of a committment to "Green Technologies", all of the heat from the computer equipment is reclaimed to heat the office area.

Consider:  Would you want your doctor reading your critical x-rays on a smartphone or laptop? 

Why not on a 5 ft. x 5 ft. high resolution screen?





Rick Bates Inspection Photo Evaluation

"We have the ability to see the things that other inspectors without this specialized technology will miss.  Every inspection takes longer but we believe our clients deserve our BEST EFFORT on each and every inspection." 

Rick Bates

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