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Professional Qualifications of Rick Bates

      President - Bates Consulting, Inc., Home Inspectors, RickBates.net


Professional environmental, mechanical, and structural consulting, education and inspection services corporation.  Complete written evaluations furnished on commercial, institutional, and residential projects.  Rick Bates instructs, supervises, and coordinates engineers, architects, and other specialized professionals in the field of environmental, mechanical, and structural evaluations and related litigation.  Rick has personally performed over 10,386 separate inspections including indoor air quality, phase I environmental site assessments, mechanical systems, and structural components - several as part of litigation cases.  He has developed programs to integrate building inspections into health care and preventive medicine.  Rick has been a featured presenter at the Carnigie Mellon School of Architecture and Texas A&M School of Engineering as well as being interviewed "Live" on a popular satellite radio environmental talk show.  He regularly conducts training workshops and seminars throughout North America. Rick is a featured presenter and speaker for professional inspection organizations across North America.


      President - Environmental Education Foundation    


 A unique not for profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation that provides educational seminars, publications, and advanced technology to both public and private sectors through donations from its contributors and cooperative agreements with the Environmental Protection Agency advisory group on Indoor Air Quality.  He was the course developer and lead instructor for the insurance industry's national risk reduction class for moisture intrusion and mold prevention.  This class met criteria to obtain insurance coverage for both commercial and residential contractors.


•  Litigation witness in structural, mechanical, & environmental cases


•  Consultant & trouble shooter for contractors and material suppliers 

•  Consultant to engineers & managers of manufacturing facilities  1987-present
•  Consultant to Realtors, Appraisers, Bankers, and Lawyers   1987-present
•  Furnished statistics to trade organizations for training  1988-1992
•  Furnished field data & support for NYS Energy Office Training Courses 1988-1992
•  Inspected luxury hotels in Cancun, Mexico for Mexican Government  1992          

•  Regional inspector for Real Estate Support Services (RESS)  

•  Regional inspector for Residential Inspection Technologies (RES-I-TEC)   1991-1994
•  Regional inspector for U.S. Toxic Substance Testing Bureau 1993-1998
•  NYS hot Line representative for Environmental Assessment Assoc.    1993-2000
•  Interviewed by regional newspaper - structural & environmental issues  1991-present
•  Featured presenter at Environmental North American Expo 1994
•  Featured presenter for Environmental Education Foundation & EPA    1995-2007
•  Featured presenter for Real Estate Expos & Conferences 1995-1996
•  Chairman of Real Estate Expo & Conference - Las Vegas, NV   1995, 1999
•  Chairman of Environmental Conference - Puerto Rico   1997
•  Internet consultant for structural, mechanical, environmental issues  1995-present

•  Regularly has published articles in "Environmental Times" international newspaper

•  Author of (6) structural, mechanical, & environmental inspection training manuals   1996-2012

 • Author of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Plans for international property managers

•  Numerous home buyer workshops for various agencies & organizations  1988-present
•  Design & classroom instruction of "Suspected Asbestos Materials in Buildings"   1989
•  Design & classroom instruction of "Residential Electrical Course"    1991
•  Design & classroom instruction of "How to Tell the Age of Residential Dwellings"  1991
•  Design & classroom instruction of "Heating Codes for Inspectors"   1991
•  Design & classroom instruction of "Environmental Impact on Banking"  1992-2007
•  Design & classroom instruction of "Performing Phase I Environmental Assessments"   1994-2005
•  Design & classroom instruction of "Performing Effective Home Inspections"    1994-2005

•  Design & classroom instruction of "Moisture Intrusion & Mold Prevention" series


   Design of Inspecting Air Conditioning Systems (2) hour continuing education course


   Design of Inspecting Forced Air Heating Systems (2) hour continuing education course

     Design of Inspecting Hot Water Heating Systems (2) hour continuing education course  2007
     Design of Inspecting Steam Heating Systems (2) hour continuing education course  2008
     Design of Inspecting Radiant Heating Systems (2) hour continuing education course  2008


•  State University of New York - Degree in Land Development  1978

Includes classroom & field work in surveying, soils, geology, drainage, well & septic systems, site analysis, construction, entomology, plant pathology, botany, environmental contaminants including  insecticides, herbicides, & fungicides

•  NYS Academy of Fire Science Certificates in Code Enforcement Practices 1988

•  NYS Energy Office courses:  Energy Conservation Code, Oil Heating, Installation of Steam Boilers Multi-Family Energy Efficiency, Reducing Indoor Radon

•  NYSTAR certified - program for indoor air quality and super insulated homes 1991
•  Certified Construction Inspector (CCI) designation #3508   1992-present
•  Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI) designation #8786  1992-present
•  Specialty Hydronic Heating workshops - European Techniques   1992-1993
•  Employee Relocation Council National Home Inspection Format   1992
•  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - "New & Historic Building Accessibility"  1992               
•  International Ground Source Heat Pump Assoc. certification #11932-694. Certified in design, construction, & trouble shooting of geothermal heating systems.   1994
•  Work with environmental physicians on national preventive medicine programs  1994-present
•  Board Certified Master Inspector & Instructor 2016-present
•  Registered Indoor Air Quality Manager  1998-2012
•  Registered Environmental Expert Witness 2000-2012

•  Certified Home Inspector NACHI #05121291

  2005-2014, 2016
  NYS Home Inspector License # 16000007336   2005-present

•  Certified Construction Consultant (CCC) earned designation

•  Certified Air Quality Specialist (CAQS) earned designation 2014-present
  • NYS Mold Assessor License #MA00810


•  International Environmental Assessment Association "Special Service Recognition and in Appreciation for Outstanding Contributions Over the Years to the Environmental Inspection Industry" in Las Vegas, NV 1995

•  Southern Tier Association of Home Inspectors for "Exemplary Leadership as President and for Forward Thinking in the Fields of Education & Marketing  

•  Member Association of Construction Inspectors  1992-present
•  Member Environmental Assessment Association, president 1996-1997  1992-present
•  Member Housing Inspection Foundation, president 1999 1995-2014
•  Member Conference of Construction & Environmental Consultants International   1996
•  Habitat for Humanity - family selection committee  1996-1997
•  Environmental Educational Foundation, director & president 2004-2007  1997-2007

  Business Excellence of the Southern Tier (BEST) president  2005-2008, president  2011-2013

  Southern Tier Association of Home Inspectors (STAHI) secretary  2007 , president 2013-2014, current vice President and Education Coordinator  2006-present

    Member National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

  2006-2014, 2016
     Member National Fire Protection Agency  2012
    Accredited Better Business Bureau with A+ rating  2003-present


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