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Rick Bates
P.O.Box 4127
Elmira, NY 14904


(10) Important Points of Interest Concerning Home Inspections:

1.  Home Inspections are sometimes referred to as "Structurals" but in NYS there is a defined process as part of the New Your Home Inspector Licensing Law that was inacted in 2006.

2.  A Home Inspection includes the structural elements as well as all the various systems & their  components.

3. A home is made of  dozens of systems, all with hundreds of various components.

4.  It takes at least 2-3 hours to properly inspect and test the systems and components in a small home.  Bigger, more complicated homes take proportionately longer.  Additional time is needed to compile the results and photos.

5.  No two homes are identical.  Each is unique - just like people.

6.  No home is perfect - again, just like people.   A knowledgeable and experienced inspection professional will always find needed repairs, even on brand new construction regardless of how much the home is worth.

7.  It takes at least 10 years of full time committment, on-going education and daily field experience to become a truly knowlegeable and experienced professional home inspector.

8.  Licensing of home inspectors only creates a minimum level of education, experience, and compentency.  Just like doctors, lawyers, and accounts - not all home inspectors should be considered equal.

9.  A home inspector is hired for his knowledge and experience: "You get what you pay for!" 


The home inspection procedure and reporting processes are designed to discover conditions so that they can be prioritized and communicated to the client with human health and safety being of top priority.

Rick Bates has literally written the book on home inspections as well as trained scores of home inspectors from the Caribbean to Canada and Boston to Santa Barbara.  His (26) year career as an involved and dedicated inspection professional provides clients with a premium inspection service.


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