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Indoor Air Quality "MOLD"


Definition:  Mold is a fungus; molds are plants that make spores instead of seeds which float in the air like pollen.  Molds require food and water in order to grow but can go dormant for long periods of time.

Why is Mold a Concern for you as a property owner?

  • In an indoor environment, airborne mold spores can cause health problems to the occupants

  • Air quality is a key factor to healthy living 

Where is Mold Found?

  • Leaky roofs, pipes, walls, or flooded areas are the breeding place for mold

  • Wet cellulose materials like paper, cardboard, sheetrock, ceiling tiles and wood products are other places toxic mold may grow

  • Mold spores can enter a household through open doorways, windows, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning units

Unique Properties of Mold

  • Mold is an essential component to our ecosystem

  • Provides decomposition of many organic substances

  •  Mold multiplies by producing spores which circulate in the air

  • When the spore contacts a moist surface it clings to it and mold develop

  • Mold is a fungus that can grow wherever there is moisture


What Can be Done About Mold?

  • Moisture control is the key to mold control and prevention

  • Lower humidity to 45%-55% in residential buildings, 35-45% in commercial structures

  • Be sure that all roof water controls are properly designed, properly installed and properly maintained so that roof water is discharged at least 8 ft. from any foundation area

  • Clean up excess water/moisture within 24-48 hours.  Mold can begin growing almost immediately when moisture and high humidity conditions exist

Mold Appearance

How to Find Mold

Types of Mold

Mold Related Health Issues

Why a Professional?

Mold Testing

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