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Indoor Air Quality "Combustion Pollutants"

WoodstoveCombustion Pollutants

Definition: Combustion Pollutants are gases or particles that come from burning materials.  Common pollutants from burning fuels are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particles, and sulfur dioxide.

Why are combustion pollutants a concern to you as a property owner?

  • Can cause humidity resulting in the growth of biological pollutants
  • Pollutants can include dust mites, molds, and bacteria

  • Adverse health effects range from headaches, dizziness, sleepiness, and watery eyes to breathing difficulties or even death

Similar effects may also occur because of common medical problems or other indoor air pollutants.

Where are combustion pollutants found?

  • Outdoor air

  • Tobacco smoke

  • Exhaust from car, lawn mower

  • Hobby activities (i.e. welding, woodburning)

  • Pollutants from vented or unvented combustion appliances (i.e. space heaters, gas stoves & ovens, fireplaces, gas water heaters etc.) 

Unique qualities of combustion pollutants

  • Combustion always produces water vapor

What can be done about combustion pollutants?

  • Appliance selection

  • Proper installation

  • Ventilation

  • Correct Use

  • Inspection & Maintenance

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